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Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric has recently experienced the theft of copper wire from power poles in our service area. If you see anything suspicious, please call your county sheriff’s office. Thank you for your assistance and cooperation!







SWCE Introduces Solar Panel Program



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Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric (SWCE) has plans to construct a 250-panel solar array on the property of the co-op’s headquarters in Owatonna.


An innovative approach to community solar has been developed to drive down the up-front cost for SWCE members to participate. The Sunna (pronounced SOO-nah) Project allows any member to subscribe to the solar community program, and in return, be allocated the energy produced by their subscribed panel(s) to offset their monthly electric bill. To participate in The Sunna Project, members need to subscribe for (1) 410-watt solar panel for $170, and participate in the co-op’s 16-hour Storage Water Heater program.


SWCE members, who wish to subscribe for a solar panel, but not participate in The Sunna Project, can pay $1,225 for their panel and also earn the subscribed energy production allocation. Any member wishing to subscribe for additional panels will pay $1,225 per panel.  Members are limited to subscribing to 20 panels or the equivalent number of panels that would produce their average annual energy usage, whichever is less.  The Sunna Project at SWCE is being promoted by The Minnesota Project, a non-profit group that promotes sustainability, go to  to read their article..



 Click here for additional information FAQ link (.pdf).

 Click here for SWCE’s SolarWise Community Solar Agreement (.pdf).

 Click here for SWCE’s SolarWise Production Units - Transfer Agreement (.pdf).








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                                                   YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE


If I told you that for as little as 7 cents per day you could help ensure that the voice of Steele-Waseca Cooperative Electric, the company you own, would remain strong in St. Paul and Washington DC, would you be interested?


That is all it takes to join with hundreds of your SWCE neighbors, your SWCE Board of Directors, SWCE employees, and tens of thousands of your fellow rural electric cooperative member/owners nation-wide who belong to ACRE®, (Action Committee for Rural Electrification, Co-op Owners for Political Action).


ACRE® only supports candidates for State and Federal offices, regardless of political affiliation, who will speak for you and protect your interests and those of your fellow consumer/owners.  You own this company and, obviously, it is in your best interest to help elect candidates who will work for you and your neighbors to keep your cooperative successful.   Our goal is to continue to provide you with safe, dependable and affordable electric power.  Together, as a team, we can make a difference.  


It is very easy to enroll. Simply fill out this PDF, (Portable Document Format).   We will include that 7 cents per day, ($2.08 per month), on your monthly electric bill for your convenience. 


Please help us secure the future of your electric cooperative and the families it serves.


Ken Prestegard


ACRE® Committee


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